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Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 (5 Second) Reflectorless Total Station

Geo Fennel

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Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 (5 Second) Reflectorless Total Station
To save cash on your Total Station investment without compromising on quality, take a look at the Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 (5 Second) Reflectorless Total Station. This professional survey instrument will turbocharge your team'€™s efficiency and improve your survey data quality. The FTD 05'€™s reflectorless, three dimensional measurement capability can also make big savings on your survey man-hours costs.
This advanced, TheoDist FTD 05 (5 Second) Total Station has a narrow beam laser for accurate point measurements without using a prism or reflector. This incredible feature brings all of those inaccessible target points within easy reach ¢€“ without the need for a rod. The FTD 05 has a reflectorless range of 200m. The range increases to 600m with a prism or reflective target. Superb, German designed optics deliver an accuracy of 3mm (2ppm).
The hi-tech electronics built into the Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 power a full range of automated functions and calculations. These functions include:
Coordinates: The FTD 05 operates in a 3 dimensional coordinate system
Missing Line: Auto-calculation of slope, horizontal and vertical distances
Offset: Calculates the distance/angle of a point using a positioned target in your line of sight as a reference
REM: Remote elevation measurement of the height of an inaccessible object
Resection: Calculates the FTD 05's position from 2 to 10 known coordinates
Area: Calculates an area from 3 or more points on its perimeter
On-screen measurement data from the Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 is saved to the instrument's internal memory. The FTD 05 Total Station will store 50k point records. Data can be easily exported to a PC or CAD workstation using the supplied cable. Various download formats are available, including AutoCAD compatible DXF files.
A built in laser plummet turns tripod setup into a quick, easy job. This model has front and rear, 4 line LCD displays with alphanumeric keypads. An on screen menu system, combined with well-placed function and setting buttons, makes the TheoDist FTD 05 easy and intuitive to use.
This German designed instrument comes with a 2 year Geo Fennel warranty, a 1 year calibration certificate and free delivery to mainland UK addresses.
Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 Reflectorless Total Station Package Contents:
Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 (5 Second) Reflectorless Total Station
FP50 Flat Prism
2 x Rechargeable Battery Packs
Battery Charger
Data Transfer Cable
Supporting Software
Professional Rigid Foam Carry Case
1 Year Calibration Certificate (runs from purchase date)
2 Year Geo Fennel Warranty (runs from purchase date)
Geo Fennel TheoDist FTD 05 Features:
Image: Erect
Objective Aperture (EDM): 45mm
Magnification: 30 x
Field of view: 1° 30'
Resolving power: 4'
Shortest focusing distance: 1.5m
Distance Measurement
Reflectorless range: 200m
Flat prism range: 600m
Reflective tape target RS range: 600m
Single standard prism (62 mm) range: 600m (Offset = 0)
Accuracy: 3mm 2 ppm
Measuring time (fine / rapid / tracking): 1.5s / 0.9s / 0.3s
Minimum reading: 1mm
Units: ft / m
Angle Measurement
Minimum reading resolution steps: 1' / 5' / 10'
Accuracy: 5'
Angle units: 100% / 360° / 400gon
Type: Electronic
Range: ± 3°
Laser Pointer
Laser class: 3R
Laser Plummet
Accuracy: ± 1mm / 1.5m
Laser class: 2
Front & rear LCD displays
4 lines, 24 characters
Power Supply
Rechargeable battery: 7.2V Ni-MH
Operating time: Around 5 hours
Charger supply: 100V/240V
Vial Sensitivity
Plate level vial: 30' / 2mm
Circular vial: 8' / 2mm
Other Features
Internal memory: 50,000 Points
Weight (instrument): 6.0kg
Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Dust & water protection: IP 54
I/O-Port: RS-232
Foam lined rigid carry case included
Comes with a flat prism
Includes one year calibration certificate (from purchase date)
Comes with a 2 year Geo Fennel warranty (from purchase date)
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